Video Share

This morning someone shared a link on Facebook. Usually I don't pay attention to anything in my mini-feed, but this link (a video by a German news team) caught my attention and I want to back it up and share it here.

When I was in Lebanon last April, I tagged along with a talented writer and now friend (sorry, I can't give names). A goal for my brief two week stay was to gather video and photos to help tell stories focused on Syrian refugee women and children. Though she and I encountered many hurdles and unfortunate cancelled meetings with many of the women, we still were able to talk to quite a few of them about their situation.

During my time there I was also able to meet up with a translator who joined me and the crew I traveled to Syria with back in 2010. She is an American living in Lebanon with a giant heart for the Lebanese people. Again, sorry, I can't give names. I was curious and wanted to get her perspective as an American woman living so close to the situation. One thing she talked about was the lack of information leaving Syria. A lot of the refugees, especially those who have been out of Syria for a year or more, are in the dark about their homes, belongings, and the people they know back home. Obtaining accurate information is not easy and can take months to get. There is also the issue of accuracy in the information they receive. This is the situation for the rest of the world as well. Information is hard to get when we don't have a front row seat. That's why I think this video is important. It puts faces and a reality to a few people in Syria. It's not just a death toll number on the news. This is a true story that for so long has been, is currently, and will continue taking place for so many in a part of the world so far away.