One Voice In Egypt Q&A

Last June I stood in Tahrir Square. It felt weird to be standing there, knowing that within just a few days something huge would take place. Knowing that in the exact spot my feet were planted, new friends in Egypt would soon be standing strong and making their mark in history. And I... I would already be thousands of miles away, safe and not having to worry about the immediate future of my country.

During the short time I was in Egypt, I met some incredible people. People who are extremely passionate, intelligent, and courageous. People I admire for their willingness to not only serve others, but fearlessly share the love of Christ while doing so. One new friend [whom I will not name] really blew me away. His story so far is an incredible one. 


It seems like every hour or so, new articles pop up in most of my social media feeds reporting on what is taking place in Egypt. So I asked my new friend if he would be willing to answer a few questions to help give a depiction of what life is like for him as the struggle continues in Egypt. Thankfully, he agreed. Here are the questions I sent and the answers he replied with:


Q: How has life changed for you over the past few weeks?

A: "Life changed to where you can't do what you need to do in your suitable time, you feel like circumstances obligate you and you don't find services available, always worried about leaving your house not to be robbed, you can't drive your car because you don't want to get stuck in a road where they are fighting or you don't know where is safe and where is not because it suddenly surprises you and you can't escape. What I feel is that I'm happy because we are not under the brotherhood control any more and I feel it's a price that has to be paid and I accept it but it's too hard when you don't feel safe and when you see people killed churches burned it's sorrow all over."

Q: Being a young man in Egypt today, what do you see as your role during these current events?

A: "Personally I feel like I need to be wise, patient and positive, to have courage and not hide at home to make my voice to be loud like never before, to post things right on social media things to transfer an honest good image, to be more responsible to my country duties and most of all go out there and preach there are so many people who are in a bad need for God and so ready to listen about him, we also have a huge energy we need to use it right in building not in ruining things more." 

Q: What are your hopes for Egypt's future? 

A: "I hope after getting out from the M.B control that the country would be more modernized, more accepting Christians, the Government to be more transparent with the people in a real democratic atmosphere and to be able to consume our resources better with good way wise thinking"

Q: Where have you seen God in all of this?

A: "I have seen God when M.B left the presidency chair, I have seen God also in uniting the church all denominations together, I have seen God in people who are praying for the country, in people who are so hungry for God that they want the truth no matter what, in declaring how dark it is away from God and all the habits, lies in Islam are getting into light the church is growing and on a real revival!!"

Q: Specifically, what can people outside of Egypt be praying for?

A: "People outside need to be praying for protection and that God would give the government wise decisions to make, for God to stop the violence that is going on and give his people to be bold and speaking powerfully about him.

One more thing that the people outside Egypt need to do, not particularly in prayers, that they get the right image and to make their government not to interfere in our business because this affects us so badly please western people don't make it harder on us while you don't know anything!!"

Thanks again to my friend for being willing to share. I want to echo him in asking for continued prayers. Though there is a lot going on, God is doing some amazing things in Egypt.