An Unexpected Gift In My Mailbox

The other day I walked outside to check the mailbox only hoping to find the September issue of NatGeo waiting for me. It wasn't. Instead, on top of a pile of bills, I found a brown envelope addressed to me that read, "A life-changing gift has been given in your name." I immediately assumed it was just another piece of junk mail some organization sent out to catch the addressed person's attention. Then I looked closer and saw a friend's name in the top left corner. So, I opened it… 

I started to tear up immediately. I was holding the most precious piece of mail I had ever received with the most encouraging of words.


The thing is, to me Syria isn't just a civil war taking place thousands of miles away in the ME that we keep hearing about on the news. To me, Syria is the many faces of people I met while I was over there. People whom I will never know the outcomes of their situation. Did they make it out alive? Who and what did they lose? It's the two little girls who befriended me and put bracelets on my wrist. It's the women who kissed the air next to my cheeks and told me their stories. It's a place I left a piece of my heart. It's a place overcome with devastation and war.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I traveled back to Lebanon this past April to help gather Syrian women and children refugee stories.  It's hard to put into words what I have seen and heard and the truth is I just saw a glimpse and the situation has only gotten a million times worse. So, please be praying for these people and the decisions of our country. Keep in mind these refugees are women, men, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. These refugees are people just like you and me with the same needs.


 (This donation was made through World Vision)