Book Recommendation

“The number one reason Muslims come to faith in Christ is because of love.”

-Tom Doyle


A few months ago, sitting in one of my favorite restaurants eating dinner with family and talking about my recent trips to the Middle East, I was asked in a somewhat disgusted tone, “Why do you even love those people?” I sat there not knowing what to say. I hadn't said a single negative thing about my experiences. In fact, I was sharing stories about people who really touched my heart, so this question startled and hurt me deeply. I guess at that moment I was too shocked and somewhat nervous to give a legit answer. How do you answer that question without making someone feel judgmental or completely misguided and uninformed about 90% of the world's Muslim people? I think I said something like, “Because I just do.” and left it at that. I soon realized the opportunity I had missed, the opportunity to not only share Christ’s love, but also help put straight the plaguing stereotypes a lot of American’s have of anyone from that part of the world.

 A couple of weeks ago I met a woman who recommended the book Dreams and Visions Is Jesus Awakening The Muslim World? by Tom Doyle. After telling me what the book was about, I pulled up Amazon and added the book to my cart. My friend was right when she said I needed to read this book. Now I’m recommending it to everyone. You don’t need a basic knowledge of Islam to understand how Jesus is working in and changing the hearts of people who confess that as the best and true religion. This book explains perfectly the answer to that baffling question, "Why do you love those people?"

If you read or have read this book, let me know what you think. If the book does anything, hopefully it will encourage, excite, reshape some of those stereotypes and remind you that we as believers and followers of Christ are called to love because we were loved first.