Smith Family: Loss & Adoption

I met Josh and Amy Smith in the fall of 2014 after Amy submitted their story to Lake Pointe Church. After reading what she submitted, there wasn't a doubt in my mind. Their story needed to be shared. Thankfully my boss was thinking the same thing. 

We met at a Starbucks one evening and they recounted to us the details of their journey of loss, grace, love and fostering to adopt. At that point they had not officially adopted their daughter, they were still a couple of months away from that becoming official. The fear of "anything can happen" loomed in the air, but their trust in Jesus overpowered that completely.  

In December I received a text message from Amy with an official court date. The following Thursday I met them downtown with my camera in hand and was able to witness their daughter legally become a member of their family.  It was one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed. Even thinking about it now gets me emotional. After the New Year, they let me hang out with their family and they graciously shared their story again. 

I'm so grateful for the Smiths and their willingness to share their story. It continues to encourage and challenge me to put all my faith in Jesus. If you know anyone who has lost a child and or adopted, please feel free to share this story with them. The Smith's story has already impacted multiple lives and it will continue to do so.